Barbarossa Trail

Length: 4,5km
Altitude meters uphill: 50hm
Altitude meters downhill: 648hm
General description

The new Barbarossa trail at Laces’ Monte Tramontana guarantees pure trail fun for everyone (S1-S2). The uphill starts in Laces and requires good physical condition due to challenging climbs and a difference in altitude of 1300m. Alternatively, you can take the chairlift to comfortably reach Malga di Tarres (Laces – valley station of the chair lift: difference in altitude of 600m). Having arrived at Malga di Tarres, you can enjoy a wonderful view and look forward to the flowing descent on the new Barbarossa Trail that owes its name to “trail builder and doctor” Gabriel Tappeiner. This trail with a length of 4.5 km and a difference in altitude of 600 m winds through the dense forest and lets cyclists’ hearts beat faster thanks to beautiful cross passages and different curves.

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