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San Martino in Monte (1.740m)

San Martino in Monte is one of the most beautiful destinations in Val Venosta, not just because of the wonderful views and the San Martino pilgrimage church, but also because of the rustic character of the mountain village. The church was probably built on a pagan cave shrine. The rock cave is part of the current building and dates back to the 16th century. In the past, especially farmers made a pilgrimage to this ancient pilgrimage site to pray for their cattle and harvest.

San Martino in Monte is an ideal starting point for easy hikes to snack bars, but also summiteers will enjoy their time. The small village on the Monte Sole Mountain offers different paths for every kind of hiker. An insiders’ tip is the scenic high route from San Martino to Silandro. On your way, you pass the steep "Egg" mountain farm and the "Forra" ruin. If you don’t know them, your picture of the Monte Sole Mountain and thus of Val Venosta is incomplete.

Discover one of the most beautiful places in Val Venosta! 

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