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Ropeway St. Martin
Chairlift Tarscher Alm

train station Laces - 
valley station chairlift.

Cableway San Martino in Monte

Technical data

The San Martino in Monte cable car was newly built in 2002 with the latest technology.
It transports students and inhabitants of the small mountain village of San Martino in Monte from Laces on 630 m to 1,740 m in only 8 minutes. The mountain village is also accessible by road, but this is much more difficult, longer and quite dangerous in winter.

  • Length: 2,4 km
  • Speed: 6 meters per scecond
  • Difference in altitude: 1.100 m
  • Persons: 25

The mountain station, characterized by its modern architecture, is right next to the Mountain Restaurant. This station is controlled from the valley station with the help of modern video equipment, which allows to operate the cable car during the winter months without any staff at the mountain station. The valley station is home to the drive station as well as the machine room, ticket office and other necessary technical facilities. Modern electric motors are used for the drive. Two diesel generator sets are available in case of a blackout. The new cable car is a classic aerial tram with two carrying ropes, a hauling rope per lane and 2 cabins. The carrying ropes are firmly fixed in both stations and are supported by three pillars of 30 m along the track.

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