Around the Zwölferkreuz peak

Length: 17,58km
Altitude meters uphill: 1.247hm
Altitude meters downhill: 1.247hm
General description

Long, very worthwhile and panoramic circular hike in alpine terrain during which you round the Zwölferkreuz peak. And the variant directly takes you to the peak!

Route description

Start your hike at Malga di Tarres and follow the path to the Malga di Laces. The forests and paths below the Zwölferkreuz peak offer a worthwhile view. Having crossed the alpine tree line you continue upwards and can already see the peak. After ca. 2-3 hours you go along the crest to reach the summit cross. For the descent choose the southern slope and follow the path to the rustic Malga di Morter. Then continue across alpine meadows to Töbrunn from where you can reach the starting point in an hour.

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